Marketing and Sales Strategists

Marketing, Sales, and AI Strategists with 25 years growing businesses

AI business strategist William T Cooper and AI business strategist Shanon Cooper have had the opportunity to work one-on-one with 800+ different Sales and eCommerce Teams during the past decade using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Influencers, Twitter, Amazon, Google, and SEO for lead generation and sales.

If you are looking to significantly enhance your business strategy, marketing strategy, sales strategy, and artificial intelligence strategy, look no further to access specialized knowledge and expertise that you can't find anywhere else especially with integrating artificial intelligence, generative AI, prompt engineering, OpenAI, ChatGPT, GPTs, Gemini, and business automation business strategies.

These are organic and paid B2B, B2C, and D2C projects that include marketing research, customized personal and company profile setups, sales processes (invites, Inmails, emails, texts, calls, and notifications), sales copywriting with themed images, prospecting, and lead generation including sales training.

Once Digital Marketing is in place for the Sales Team, weekly or monthly meetings can be held with the team and their recorded sales presentations are critiqued. Sales Team Training is available as needed.

View the Marketing Portfolio in my LinkedIn and Upwork Profiles for eight hundred raving 5-star reviews, services, pricing, and examples of work. We have had 300+ generative AI client engagements in the past 18 months in thirty different countries.

Let's schedule a 60-minute CONSULTATION on Upwork to create your business, marketing, sales, or artificial intelligence strategy for ONLY $250.

Social Media Services

I create custom business, marketing, sales, and artificial intelligence solutions for lead generation and sales, including professional setup, audience development, content creation, training, plus methodologies that generate SALES. All social media packages are a one-time fixed fee of $4,000 each. Social media packages completed within two weeks.

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Expert Facebook Marketing

Facebook Package

  • Business Page Setup for User Engagements
  • Facebook Audit to Determine Real Followers
  • 1,500 Likes from a USA Patriotic Audience
  • 25 Themed Sales Copywriting for Posts
  • 25 Themed Images for Sales Posts
  • Facebook Sales Training
Professional LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Package

  • LinkedIn Profile Setup to a Business Format
  • Consult for Free LinkedIn Marketing
  • Customization of LinkedIn Profile Summary
  • Create 20 Different Customized Sales Scripts
  • Sales Copywriting with 15 Images for Posting
  • LinkedIn Sales Training

Twitter Package

  • Business Page Setup for User Engagements
  • Twitter Audit to Determine Real Followers
  • Follow 500 Themed Twitter Users
  • 25 Themed Sales Copywriting for Posts
  • 25 Themed Images for Sales Posts
  • Twitter Sales Training
Integrated Marketing

AI Business Strategist

  • AI Business Strategist $250 per Hour
  • Marketing, Sales, and AI Expert
  • ChatGPT, GPTs, and Automation
  • Upwork $1 Million Freelancer
  • LinkedIn Top Voice Expert
  • 800+ Raving 5-Star Reviews

What Clients are Saying

"William T Cooper IS HANDS-DOWN THE BEST-RESEARCHED AND MOST SKILLED FACEBOOK GURU I HAVE EVER HIRED. He has a terrific attitude and is a joy to work with. Also, the money you invest working with him should come back to you MANY times over. I cannot recommend him strongly enough."

-- Ryan Herche, CEO Lead Generation Expert

"The Consultation with William was great. We discussed strategic ways to use Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT for business and marketing."

-- Daniel, CEO, Modular Eco-Friendly Homes

"Great working with William T Cooper! He's truly a Facebook expert and will not stop until you are happy and successful. Based on advice William gave me, I lowered my cost per lead from $60 to $10. I would absolutely recommend him to a friend."

-- Daniel St. Louis, CEO

"Working with William and Shanon on our LinkedIn Sales Methodology and AI persona for MAW and IMS was an outstanding experience. His deep understanding of our business, combined with his expertise in SEO, SGE, and AI, significantly enhanced our online presence and sales. William's professional excellence, along with his engaging and warm approach, not only delivered results but also made the collaboration enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any business aiming to boost its digital strategy and sales effectiveness."

-- Rick Collins, Founder, Midwest Active Wholesale

"I really enjoyed the Consultation today with William. He provided very useful information about LinkedIn, ChatGPT, and marketing automation tools. This was a very informative call and I highly recommend him. Thanks!"

-- Antal, CEO, International Link Building

"This is the second project I’ve had with William and Shanon. They created a custom GPT for automating my manual business processes which will save me hundreds of hours over the next several months. I highly recommend them for creating custom GPTs for AI business automation!"

-- Joel Nelson M.D, Owner, Physician Prospecting

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